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Flight Help - Immediate Counseling

So many people get unexpectedly anxious
just before their flight that we created two special programs to provide effective help in the shortest time possible to overcome fear of flying.

Gain control of your feelings. Captain Tom leads you to not only regain control but to establish AUTOMATIC control that stops high anxiety and panic before it can even start. The personalized help from Captain Tom provides EVERYTHING you need to regain full control.


"Other programs only help mild cases of fear of flying. That’s why I set up SOAR." Captain Tom Bunn


Captain Tom Bunn

Captain Tom Bunn, an airline captain and licensed therapist, is President and founder of SOAR, Inc.







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Stop claustrophobia, high anxiety, and panic with effective help. Unlike programs for mild anxiety, Captain Tom Bunn - both an airline captain and licensed therapist - has advanced help that works for everyone, however difficult the problem.

"Two years of psychotherapy couldn't get me into the air, but SOAR did... Your course has helped me acquire renewed personal confidence and pride." E.S More

SOAR was founded in 1982 as nothing was available for extreme fear of flying. The only program proven highly effective by independent university research.

Most other attempts to treat fear of flying fail, including medication, relaxation techniques & CBT. Find out why
Effective treatment from SOAR establishes protection prior to flight that works automatically during flight.

Flying tomorrow or soon?

Call Toll Free 800-FEAR-FLY (800-332-7359)
International: 914 763 9603   UK: 0800 048 8750

CoursesRapid Relief Courses

Rapid Relief

Concentrates on control of high anxiety, claustrophobia and panic. Most effective help in a very short time for major improvement if flying tomorrow or the next day.

Complete Relief - with Free "Take Me Along"

Complete Relief first teaches you to control feelings of fear, and then explains how flying works. You get "Take Me Along" free for your iPod or laptop so Captain Tom can coach you through the flight. More info

SOAR Features

Call Toll Free 800-FEAR-FLY (800-332-7359)
International: 914 763 9603   UK: 0800 048 8750

About SOARDid you know? We have helped over 7000 people overcome fear of flying since 1982. More

Graduates - Client CommentsWe receive many letters from SOAR graduates.

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ChatFree weekly chat where you can discuss your fear of flying with people who feel just like you.

ForumJoin in with discussions on our forum with lots of useful information about fear of flying.

CoursesWe offer courses tailored to your individual needs including courses for people flying soon.

Guaranteed Fear Of Flying Course

Fear of Flying : Flight Difficulty

Are you concerned about physical safety when flying -or how to control high anxiety, claustrophobia or panic?  We can help with your fear of flying and we guarantee it.

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Our Guarantee
When you fly after completing the Guaranteed Course, if unsatisfied with the improvement, you receive a full refund.

We offer this remarkable guarantee, because we are sure we can teach you to control feelings automatically as we have with thousands of others, most of whom thought nothing would work for their fear of flying. Of the thousands completing the Guaranteed SOAR Course, refund requests can be counted on one hand.

Included in the Guaranteed Complete Course

  • 11 DVDs teach how flying works, the psychology of anxiety, and how to control feelings of fear when flying.
  • 2 hours of individual counseling with licensed therapist and airline captain Tom Bunn LCSW - tailored to your needs - will establish automatic control of high anxiety and claustrophobia , making panic a thing of the past .
  • A free copy of "Take Me Along" for you iPod, laptop or other MP4 device. Captain Tom coaches you through your flight, telling you what the sounds mean, showing you what makes them, and letting you see what the pilots see in the cockpit during takeoff and landing.
  • DVD iconDVD / Downloads & Online

    How SOAR Controls Feelings

    How SOAR Controls Feelings

    We human beings are born with only half of the emotion regulation system in place, the part that revs us up. The part of the brain that will later calm us down does not exist. Its physical development begins at ten months, and is completed by eighteen months.

    Calming Has To Be Learned
    During this time, caregivers provide calming. Slowly, the infant memorizes the steps caregivers use. Caregivers – regardless how much they care – vary in ability to provide effective calming. As a result, on a scale of zero to ten, a few of us develop a “ten” level of ability to calm ourselves. This means there is an ability to automatically control anxiety.

    Without Optimal Self-Calming
    Most of us get far less. But we can compensate for getting less than a "ten" in two ways:

    1. Control. We try to remove uncertainty by controlling every situation.
    2. Escape. If control is not assured, we make sure there is a way to get out, in case it is needed.

    Flying Takes Away Our Means To Compensate
    Flying takes away our ability to compensate. We have no control of the plane. We have no way to escape the plane.

    The Answer
    People who got a "ten" don't have trouble when they fly. Their ability to calm themselves automatically was built in before age two. That points to the answer: build in more automatic calming so you can fly like they do.

    High anxiety and panic develop rapidly. The only way to prevent distress when flying is adequate calming that works unconsciously and automatically.

    SOAR teaches you how to control the feelings automatically. Once automatic control is established, you will fly - no matter how doubtful you may be now - like everyone else does. When you fly, you will be amazed. You will wonder what happened to the feelings.

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